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Passage to the underworld project

9:35 AM

Hello guys! It's almost Halloween people (and sims possibly) bake their spooky cakes, curve their pumpkins and prepare their outfits for Halloween night! So the second project of October is all about this haunting period. The inspiration of the clothes comes from the HM brand, and their Halloween treats. The inspiration of the eerie pics is from the underworld (not the movie, the actual place of the dead)
credits and WCIF

The Acherontia pjs need no mesh. The Hecate outfit's mesh is from Asasims . The Styx dress mesh is from Simsonia and the Lethe outfit's mesh is by B-bettina@tsr.  All meshes are included but the awesome accessories of the pics and mask, are not.
Find the leather jacket at Milasims, the choker at Cassis sims, and the beautiful face-mask at Gphoenix

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