Saturday, March 18, 2017

Gym mini project+update

Hello there! It's been some time since the last post, most of this time was spent in bed, as I got sick with sore throat and other hideous things! Now I am slightly better and I hope you all are healthy and ready for...gym! That's right, this is where the next mini project take us!

info: Two outfits. The pink is called pilates and includes a mesh by Asasims, The textures is from Stella Mccartney's athletic line. The black which is from nike clothing (obviously, there is a logo there too) is called yoga and includes the mesh by Simsomnia. This one is for the curvy girls (aka momma lisa bodytype) Both are everyday/athletic because simply I hate it when they change their clothes just before they step on the treadmill (whyyyyy???)
the meshes are included as I mentioned and more of the stuff of those creators can be found here, and here! Both are in one file with the proper naming to keep what you want, as always!

Also, another update. The next chapter of my medieval/fantasy graphic novel is out and can be found here :) And here is its tumblr page in case you are a newcomer and need info

Now to the preview and downloads!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Garage guys project

I said I would make some outerwear clothing for the male sims too.. My bad. The weather is warm and here in Greece we have already summer (ok, almost) so I was not in the mood to make ski wear. Sorry :P But I made some everyday clothes for my sim men, and I took some pics from their garage! 

The meshes are included. The jacket is from MDP (I found it on Alwayssims blog, though), and the outfits' meshes are by aikeaquinea and neferity! All included. The clothes inspiration comes right from Bershka (I really like that brand)

 **btw, the guys are Mondarg and Alistair from my graphic novel ;)

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The snow queens

The second photoshoot of February is about snow and sports. I made three outfits that are found in everyday and outwear section, and a jacket accessory (which SADLY does not show up when in outerwear.) So, are you a snowboard or a ski fan?

The meshes are included and are from Asasims, Simsomnia and the jacket is a conversion by Trapping originally made by Moddish kitten. The textures are from Roxy brand. The backround pics are from all over the internet :P

All  outfits are in folders with their name, so you can pick those you want. I d suggest you to visit milasims too, for more wintersports downloads, like scarves, beanies and a snowmobile! Happy skiing :) The skis and boards from this project are all photoshopped in. Also, the outfits are named after greek ski resorts.

bodyshop pic

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Outfit sets for sim ladies

Hello and happy Valentine's day <3 Today I have 2 oufits with their accessories, but no photoshoot :/ because I got lazy these days :) 


Lovely- outfit mesh by Openhouse, coat mesh by mila sims.
sexymama - top mesh by sentate, bottom by Maxis and bag mesh by chrico
textures/inspiration by bershka 

I hope you like them ^_^

Friday, February 3, 2017

Into the wild - adult female set

 February is here and there is a new set for you. Three casual outfits and two bags, all from Bershka fashion. Credit go to Kaleigh, Amarylis, trapping, Sentate and NataliS for the meshes, that are also included. I should mention that the coat is not included -it's not mine- but can be found in itsfemmefatale.blogspot

There are also some bodyshop pics, without all the Gimp retouching, below!

I hope you like them and wear them in your everyday sims life, or stories :)

Monday, January 23, 2017

Lunar Goddesses set

 It's time for the second photoshoot of the month and my inspiration ,this time , was the romantic-rock moonlight! The set has two outfits. A see-through white dress with mesh by Lidiqnata, and a leather skirt outfit with the awesome mesh by simsomnia. There is also an accessorie jacket with a mesh by moddishkitten (converted by trapping) I hope you like them :) See you in january with 2 more photoshoots, and don't forget to check out the new book of my medieval graphic novel series HERE :) It worths reading (what would I say, I m the writer... Whatever.)

The choker by Alex is not included but can be found here 

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Old remakes part1

Warning! These clothes are from 2011-2013 period. I m closing my old site, and moving what I had there, here, after some re- edits. Happy Simming :)

Credits :Lianasims and glamorouslounge

Friday, January 6, 2017

Coffee on a rainy day

Guess what, I m in full after-xmas-depression mode and it's raining. At least (just like my sims) I have enough coffee to deal with the situation... First thing first, two of the accessories were not made by me. The hat is from milaSims and you can find it in accessories section HERE and the long scarf is a martini conversion from Julies scarf, and you can find it HERE.

Now about my outfits. There is the green leopard everyday outfit, with mesh and she texture by Sentate included. And secondly there is an everyday/outerwear outfit, Backstage, with the unremovable scarf (outerwear, you see...)and the mesh by Asasims included.

All neatly in a zip file with descriptive names as always... The clothes are from brands topshop and Bershka :)