9 to 5 at facebook - fa outfits

4:33 AM

The first project of October (have a great month btw) is about a visit at facebook offices all around the world. And I dare to say that the offices look much more laid back than the outfits XD . Anyway there are 3 oufits and 2 topcoats as accessories.

meshes included and are from...
Milasims (longcoat)
Pixicat’s JC Scully converted by Rented-Space deedee sims (poke )
trapping, sentate (network)
Misstikeri, modish kitten (kimono)
simsomnia (friend request)

useful links
The purse that one of those is wearing is from one of my older bags (find it in accessory section) and the glasses are from Cassis (not included)

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