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Bridezilla - A Sims2 challenge by me

12:09 AM

Hello guys! So my laptop is still for repair, so I use my old- almost wreckage- laptop, which has still the windows7 and no problem running them, I should add.
Anyway, since I don't have anything for upload here I thought "Hey, why don't you create something different?" And this is how I got the idea to create a new, funny and quick sims2 challenge. The bridezilla!

An soon to-be-married couple invite both their families to spend the days before the wedding together, and bond with each other. Meanwhile, they try to raise money for their dream wedding.

Try to raise as much money as possible, while you also work on the family relationships (they offer bonus) for ten days. Live the last days of single life, plan bachelor parties, and get over the anxiety before wedding day. Then plan the perfect wedding, on the eleventh day, according to the score (money) you got!
And of course, share your pics with the tag #bridezillasims, if you like the challenge. I d love to see some pics!

More information on gameplay, rules, tips and the point system in the pdf HERE
Video of the couple I used to test the challenge HERE
More info of my "test" wedding HERE

FEEL FREE to ask any questions :)

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