7 classic books as accessory

10:10 AM

My laptop still in repair so no clothing projects for now. BUT this made me a bit more inpired to do different things. Like this one :)

What is it?
There are poseboxes with reading poses. Those use Ang's book mesh (brobably is by Ang) but there were not many recolours (if any). My sims that are quite the bookworms needed some classic books, so here I am recoloring this book mesh that can be found IN GLASSES (it's an accessory...duh.)
But why?
For pics, stories, or just because.
The mesh is included and the books - that are also my favorites- are:
100 years of solitude by G.Marquez
the Great Gatsby by F.S. Fitzgerald
Fahrenheit 451 by R. Bradbury
To kill a mockingbird by H. Lee
War and Peace by L.Tolstoi
The sound and the fury by W.Fauckner
The old man and the sea by E. Hemingway

recomended posebox: Ang's reading posebox that can be found here

*by the way, what is your favorite book? Leave a comment bellow to tell, if you like ^^

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  1. Hmm my favorite book is 'Ella Enchanted' since 6th grade lol. But it's not a classic literature like these :)

    1. Don't have to be classic to be favorite ;) I like your choice!


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