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Srath farath 9

7:19 AM

Ok, we are a bit out of schedule here, mainly because it is easter and i spent much time with family and away from sims! Here is the 9nth book of Strath Farath.
The synopsis'
It is the huuuunt (at last). Now if you don't know/remember what the hunt is let me remind you. The penal system of the Kingdom sends the criminals to the Vampire duchy of Enywas. Officially they are there to be jailed. Unofficially they are just food for the vampires there, who like to release those poor people in the forest, and then hunt them down. The hunt is happening again in Enywas, but this time it affects Celestine, as her protegee, Branwen, was wrongfully accused and sent to the Hunt. Celestine will do anything to protect her, even if this means that she will have to enter the fight.
In the same time, Jade and Alister visit Eohlsand and have a good talk with her twin brother, about the ominous dreams of Thomas the beggar.

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