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Classy lady project - clothes for elder ladies

1:19 AM

A thanx to the community!
It's been a few days since the last post and the sims2 community kept going more and more amazing. Remember it is a game that is almost 15 years old, yet the modders of this community keep this game fresh and entertaining, just like the first days it came out. A Big thank you to anyone who creates! Whether it is defaults, realistic mods, hair, clothes or THE SLIDERS <3! 
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Ok, to the download now! Today's project is all about the classy elder ladies. Those who won't compromise with an apron and a lame dress XD (kidding, all ladies are wonderful no matter what they wear!) I made for them three outfits with one mesh by outrageoussecret. The site is dead and I found the mesh at all-about-style . The coat and the jacket are not included, but can be found at Milasims, in accessories.
The files are in one .rar. Keep the mesh and whichever of the outfits you like (or all, why not :) I hope you like them, Have fun!

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  1. These are very lovely and there's not enough classy outfits for elder sims 2 females. I am excited to try but have one issue. When I hover over download, I get a Pinterest symbol and cannot bypass it without it wanting me to log into pinterest. Is the download on pinterest only?

    1. Hey there, tahnks for the comment! The issue with the pinterest is because of the blog's template (I must change it, it seems) BUT if you click on the pic but NOT exactly on the pinterest logo, you will go to the download. I hope it helps :)


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