Downtown guys - aM clothing - Grecadea sims

Downtown guys - aM clothing

8:12 AM

The second photoshoot of November is here and is about the sims guys! I made some separates for mix and match casual streetwear.

graphite bottom Original mesh by Simsimi. Original shoes by Pixicat and Pollination Tech. 3t2 conversion by Always Sims.
ice and carolina bottom jeans original meshes and shoe textures by Aikea. Edited Yuxi pants and boots by Io. mesh by Kaleigh, found in underyourskin
sweaters mesh by Trapping
tops mesh amarylis
no mesh needed for Hilfiger top
textures are from brands Pull&bear and Topman

All meshes are included for your convenience, but you can visit the above creators for much more goodies too :)

The scarf of this photoshoot can be found at XMsims (accessories) and the glasses are by Tamo@mts. The hair are defaults. All files are in one rar with descriptive names AND photo. Very easy to find!

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