A bedroom in Verona

9:36 AM

It's November already, and thankfully this mess of a year will end soon. (that was irrelevant, it's just that I hate 2016 and today is the first its November) As I mentioned in previous post, this month we have two sets, the first is here and is called A bedroom in Verona (it's in the title too, obviously). The city of Verona is a beautiful city in the Italian North, famous from the tragic romance that was set there, Romeo and Juliete. This is why I chose to imagine what a romantic Juliette would were before going to sleep to dream of her Romeo (Jeez, now I turned overly romantic too ^_^ )

There are four pieces in this set. The two nightgowns are pjs and the other two can be found in undies. The undies need no mesh, and the nightgowns' mesh is included. All in one folder with descriptive names

Mesh by lidignata
textures by Victoria's secret, la perla, yamamay

bodyshop view

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