The loft project

8:15 AM

That's the loft project. It has nothing to do with a sims lot, but when I was making the clothes I kept thinking sims girls wearing them in a spacious loft in neutral colours. Thus the name! Meshes are included and are all from an awesome site -simsomnia- that sadly does not upload anymore...
My inspirations were from minimalistic yet glamorous clothing by A. Wang, Cushnie and Halston Heritage, and I also made 3 earrings by Marni, Rosantica and Katerina Makriyanni.
Everithing is in one rar but in different, descriptive folder. It's easy to find them and there is a pic, of course!
 I also made a photoshoot in a loft -what else... I hope you like the clothes, which can be worn as everyday or formal, and the earrings, Have fun!

  and some more pics with the names...

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