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October Walk project

6:18 AM

Some blog changes
I decided to change the upload style of my posts. Each months I ll do two photoshoots with stuff I create, and share them like mini projects, instead of uploading every 3 days another outfit. This way, I ll have time for my graphic novel and the clothing I make for it! Now to the downloads.

Info of the downloads
The set includes 3 oufits and 3 accessories - two coats one scarf. everything is tidy in their folder so you can find them easily. Meshes are included.

Mila sims at  milasimsworld.forumbb.ru
Liana sims at www.lianasims2.net
svabolon at szabolon.tumblr.com
Sentate and CatOfEvilGenius at modthesims
Sims united artists mesh for the scarf (site closed)
Gucci, H&M, Etro, Converse, Nike for the textures

some pics of the creations

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