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Urban styling stories - Nairobi

11:49 AM

As you may have noticed, I made some small changes here to make the blog use easier. At the "Female adult" label, I put all the fA clothing sorted, and under the "theme" label I put all my thematic downloads :)

About this post, I made another Urban styling story (find the rest at the themes label) and it is inspired by the African city of Nairobi. It's an outfit with a dress (mesh by Asasims included) and colourful earrings (mesh by liana also included!) Hope you like it!

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  1. HEY i loooove your stuff, do you have the hair of the model by any chance? thanks!!!

    1. Mariel, thanks! Comments like these make my day :) The hair is a conversion from s3 by traping and you can get it here http://trappingit.livejournal.com/107441.html


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