Srath farath - Graphic Novel and clothing

4:08 AM

Looong ago I mentioned I was working on a medieval-fantasy themed Sims2 graphic novel. I finished the first book and I feel sooo happy and fulfilled with the result. I also made some of the clothing in the book and I decided to share it.
FOR THE DOWNLOADS keep reading!

The clothes are inspired by the Byzantine empire which is basically the Greek medieval time and its history inspired me for the graphic novel.  The patterns, the textures and colours are mostly what would a Byzantine wear. The female dress does not need mesh, and the male outfit has mesh by Besen included. It's for male adults and elders.Both in one file with descriptive names.


About the graphic novel, now! If you are into fantasy, vampires and middle ages I think you will like it. It's about a king that wants to destroy all dark creatures, and bring war inside the kingdom, while the rest of the protagonist try to pick the right side. Their choice depends on their ethics, their ambitions and for some of them, their past that still haunts them. Meanwhile, humans of the kingdom have no idea that vampires and werewolves exist, but since it's the middle ages, all those creatures  and magic were feared and suspected.
Go to the blog where you can find more info about the story, the people of Srath Daerg kingdom, and the book, of course, OR download it here directly (warning, there is some nudity and swearing)  I hope you like this project as much as I adore creating it!

And some parts from the novel, to get you in the mood!

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