Believe in unicorns - FA outfit - Grecadea sims

Believe in unicorns - FA outfit

1:23 AM

Hello! I have a kind of crazy outfit for you today (I d call it funny too!) it's a unicorn Bershka tee and a Denim skirt with a pair of all-stars shoes that I love! Meshes by Io and Sentate are included, enjoy!

Also, I ll share a preview pic of a graphic novel I m working on these days. It's set on medieval times and it's about a war between clans of vampires, Werewolves, Lynsei, Witches and Humans. So original, I know... But I have great time creating my mini version of GoT, and I wanted to share the first page :) It's called Srath Dearg which is gaelic for Crimson Valley, and the girl is Celestine, a human that was adopted by a Lynsei clan and was raised as a warrior.

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