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Sweat! Sims 2 outfits for the gym

9:13 AM

Phewww , summer is here and is too hot that we are sweating already, but this is not a good reason to give up workouts. Even on the brink of heat stroke, Sims keep working out and they do it in style!
The clothes are for athletic, and are from brands like Ivy Park (topshop) Adidas and Stella McCartney. It's three outfits an accessory sports bag from studio K that I converted to sims2, and a black cap for those who prefer jogging.

Trackdance Raglan by Needlecream and Trapping.
studio k for the bag
bipsouille for the cap

All in one rar. Happy simming

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  1. I adore this thank you soooooo much!!!! Please convert a designer Fanny pack next.I can't seem to find one for Sims2.:(


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