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Hello guys! I hope you're fine and enjoying March. We are one step away from spring so the first spring mini collection is here with trends like pastels, jeans and backpacks...

the set
I recolored 3 outfits and a coat by mila and I also converted Marigold's backpack and made three more recolours. I like backpacks very much IRL so I needed them badly for my simmies too! For the photoshoot I also used the glasses by Alex and the choker by e-neilan (they are not included in the set) everything else is in folders, you can keep whatever you like <3

Mila for coat
Marigold for the backpack original mesh
Always sims and slid for the top
strawberie kunie for the skirt
Yana and simsomnia for the other two outfits

***some extra update: Did you see the new feature in my blog? The catalogue, up on the menu, is a drop down menu that has in pics all of the blogs clothes and where to find them. It is still a work in process though***

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