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Clio hair conversion

8:10 AM

15 days since the last update. Things where busy in both real life AND life as a simmer. I tried to convert a hair (leah lilith crush) but even if it looked awesome in milkshape and simpe, in game it was plain disaster...  Damn...I liked it so much :/
Anyways, I made the next hair that caught my attention. Did anyone convert clio, already? I didn't find any conversion, so there you go, you can have mine.

It is for YA, adults and Elders and binned in pooklet's natural colours. Plus there is an ombre colour. It is high poly (more than 25000)
You can do whatever you want with it :)
credits to pooklet and Leahlilith

*and another irrelevant thing. These days I was writing for my other blog too. It's about style and well being (not sims) It's in greek but I make my DIY projects in english too. You can check it here

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