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4t2 carton box

5:48 AM

So I learned how to convert... It took me like years to think about starting doing this, but then I see all these amazing s4 things, and I want to see them on my sims. The problem is that I don't really like the s4 game, so I thought to give it a try and convert the stuff I like.

The info/credits

Here is a carton bag by Lumy sims and was made for s4. It comes in 3 recolours, one was lumy's original texture, the other is a Moschino vintage bag and the third is an Accessorize bag. They are worn by teen-adult-YA and elders (because elder ladies deserve to have fun too!) They are all in one file with proper names. The black minidress can be found here

 you can use it in ANYWAY you want (recolour, fix,whatever) just give credit to lumy and me :) Have fun!

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  1. Congratulations on your first successful conversion!This I looks awesome:) but that's with all your creations.keep up the good work.*claps*


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