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Sisters clothing set

8:57 AM

So do you people have siblings? I have a sis, and I have to tell you that siblings -no matter how annoying, especially for the older kid- they are precious and true friends for life. Now to the project!
In the file there are three everyday outfits, one for adult one for teen and one for child sims2 with main inspiration from zara and pullandbear lines. Each one is in their folder to tell them apart easily. The teen dungaree dress needs NO MESH. 
 The photoshoot took place in a house I built (I think it is time to share sims and houses too...) and the furniture are mainly by Kacicka77 and Riekus.

 The meshes are included and go to Sims2sisters (well look at this) and Yana. The hair are default hairs that can be found at sims2defaults.

I hope you like them :) Have fun!


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