Urban chic teen's closet

11:03 AM

As mentioned in the previous post, I had this new idea of creating themed wardrobes.  My first post of this project will be the Urban chic (or simply Casual chic) style of a Teen simie

In the  file there are 7 outfits (swimwear, pj's etc) that are perfect for the teen that loves style, but also loves comfort and can't spend a whole day  in front of the closet, to find an outfit for school. Oh, there is also a white jacket accessory.

All meshes are included and are from Lianasims, moddish kitten and Zodapop. But most of the outfits just use Maxis meshes. They are all tidy in folders so you can keep what you like.
Textures by brands Bershka, Nike, Asos (the pjs... I love those)

More styles will follow ;)

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