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Gym mini project+update

2:43 AM

Hello there! It's been some time since the last post, most of this time was spent in bed, as I got sick with sore throat and other hideous things! Now I am slightly better and I hope you all are healthy and ready for...gym! That's right, this is where the next mini project take us!

info: Two outfits. The pink is called pilates and includes a mesh by Asasims, The textures is from Stella Mccartney's athletic line. The black which is from nike clothing (obviously, there is a logo there too) is called yoga and includes the mesh by Simsomnia. This one is for the curvy girls (aka momma lisa bodytype) Both are everyday/athletic because simply I hate it when they change their clothes just before they step on the treadmill (whyyyyy???)
the meshes are included as I mentioned and more of the stuff of those creators can be found here, and here! Both are in one file with the proper naming to keep what you want, as always!

Also, another update. The next chapter of my medieval/fantasy graphic novel is out and can be found here :) And here is its tumblr page in case you are a newcomer and need info

Now to the preview and downloads!

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