The snow queens - Grecadea sims

The snow queens

5:31 AM

The second photoshoot of February is about snow and sports. I made three outfits that are found in everyday and outwear section, and a jacket accessory (which SADLY does not show up when in outerwear.) So, are you a snowboard or a ski fan?

The meshes are included and are from Asasims, Simsomnia and the jacket is a conversion by Trapping originally made by Moddish kitten. The textures are from Roxy brand. The backround pics are from all over the internet :P

All  outfits are in folders with their name, so you can pick those you want. I d suggest you to visit milasims too, for more wintersports downloads, like scarves, beanies and a snowmobile! Happy skiing :) The skis and boards from this project are all photoshopped in. Also, the outfits are named after greek ski resorts.

bodyshop pic

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