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Coffee on a rainy day

8:24 AM

Guess what, I m in full after-xmas-depression mode and it's raining. At least (just like my sims) I have enough coffee to deal with the situation... First thing first, two of the accessories were not made by me. The hat is from milaSims and you can find it in accessories section HERE and the long scarf is a martini conversion from Julies scarf, and you can find it HERE.

Now about my outfits. There is the green leopard everyday outfit, with mesh and she texture by Sentate included. And secondly there is an everyday/outerwear outfit, Backstage, with the unremovable scarf (outerwear, you see...)and the mesh by Asasims included.

All neatly in a zip file with descriptive names as always... The clothes are from brands topshop and Bershka :)

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  1. These are so lovely! I'm so glad I found this blog and now I'm probably going to download everything I find...

    1. ^_^ And I m glad when I read comments like this! Thanx for your nice words!


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