Special 50.000 views gift

7:57 AM

I was sick these days, I was tired from house chores but I still felt I had to create a gift as a sigh of my gratitude. Thanks for the views, they mean more than a number, they mean that the sims 2 community is still alive and more mature than ever (no dramas, thnx!) Thanx for the recently 250 followers in Tumblr, as tumblr is the place I met a lot of amazing Simbls and the equally awesome stories and CC they share ;)  Thanks, guys!
I share a gift of 3 shoulder bags, 2 from Accessorize and one from Stella McCartney, with the mesh by Chriko included. They are in one file with their names to tell them apart. Note that the quality of the image is Bodyshop (no quality of course) but I m in the middle of getting a new far better laptop, so better quality CC is on the way :)

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