Cersei's gown

12:45 PM

It's been some weeks since the last episode of season 6 Game of Thrones. I love the series and I enjoyed that episode -no spoilers here!- and I adored anything Cersei wore. Especially the one in the end. Still, no spoilers, in case you live in a cave or on another planet and you haven't seen the last episode :P

Anyway, the beautiful leather gown was created by Michelle Clapton, all credits to her. I used a mesh by Lianasims, which is included and the model - gorgeous sim Lena Heady- is a rustyporter creation. Are you a Game of thrones fan? Which house do you support? I d like to know in the comments section!

PLUS! find more Game of thrones dresses here, and here

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  1. Big fan!
    House Stark is my one true love, though I'm kinda fond of Lannisters too. I love Tyrion(like who doesn't), Jaime(such a complex character) and I'm really fond of Cersei last two seasons. She is the one you kinda hate to love :D
    Lovely gown, sweety <3
    And OMG I love your Khaleesi outfits so much <3

    1. Thanx for your lovely comment and I m happy you like them! I *was* a Tyrell fan and but my favorite characher is Brienne of Tarth. I hope I see her on the throne (never gonna happen, though!)


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